Thursday, September 29, 2011

Film History Project.

I have to say that that film Trip to the Moon was astonishing. The little moon people were absolutely terrifying. I also was surprised at the film killing real moon people just for a film. This has been the best most creative film I've seen. It wasn't just capturing every day life it took you into the astrologist's world and took you on a thrilling adventure. The effects if they were effects were absolutely fabulous. I enjoyed this film very much and will enjoy seeing it with my business colleagues next week. I recommend that you see this film if at all possible. Cheers!

Okay, now back to normal. Although some of that paragraph was absurd and just strange there were reasons for a lot of it. Throughout the paragraph there are little comments like "killing real moon people just for film" and "The effects if they were effects were absolutely fabulous." were just to kind of show that in the day that was some really cutting age stuff. I kind of went over board on the flamboyant and non-slang upper-class rich top-hat person language, but I could not get that high-pitched voice out of my head. Also tried to express the difference from this and the other films that were made at the time throughout. That was the basic things I was trying to do with that paragraph.