Thursday, October 27, 2011

Film History Blog Post: Cinematography in Charlie Chaplin's: "The Circus"

In Charlie Chaplin's the circus there are some patterns in cinematography that can be easily noticed. First of all there is no camera movement in this film. This was probably because cameras were so heavy they were pretty much not mobile (As I learned from Kyle's presentation.). Although the cameras don't move there are a variety of angles, which are often used for showing the comedy of Charlie's signature walking or him being chased. Usually the camera doesn't move within a set, it usually just stays there and its to the next set when it's time. Also the size of the shots don't vary much. The shot are usually medium shots, long shots or wide shots. Pretty much never anything closer than a medium shot. That is about as much as you can say about the cinematography in that film. Besides who needs amazing cinematography when you have Charlie Chaplin (half jokingly)?