Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All About Eve/ "The Wisdom of Eve" Differences and Similarities for Better or for Worse?

All About Eve is the film based off of the short story "The Wisdom of Eve". Although it was not given screen credit. This short story and film is about a girl named Eve Herrington who goes to everyone of an actor's (Margola) performances. Eventually a friend of Margola's lets Eve see her. As time passes Eve gets a job as being Margola's assistant and while Margola is not looking Eve studies her every move how she acts on stage and off. Eventually Eve ends up stealing her parts since she is a young and "brilliant" actor. In the film Eve tries to steal Margola's husband, but does not succeed. But in the short story Eve ends up stealing Margola's friend's (the narrator's) husband at the very end of the story. In the film  it end in a very different way (That doesn't involve anyone's husband being stolen.) which I will talk about why it was a good or bad ending of the film compared to the story.

  Okay in this paragraph I'm going to talk about the various differences and what it does to the film compared to the short story. First of all in the short story the whole story is within a car with two friends talking about a story they heard. In the film it starts with a narrator at an awards ceremony then cuts off into the story which leaves us wondering how we're going to get back there. I think this a good choice for the film adaptation because if it were to follow the story on this it might take us out of the movie that we keep going to the car and having flashbacks. Another reason this is a good choice like I said before is that it leaves us with a place that we know we will come back to and we're curious on how it will do so, so we pay attention and are curious. Here's another change that I noticed. The ending of the film is a lot different it goes back to the award ceremony, but then follows Eve to her apartment instead of the after party because nobody likes her and there is a young girl there and the implication that the girl is the Eve to Margola except this time Eve is Margola and cycle has started again. There a few reasons I do like this ending and there are a few that I don't like. First of all the ending seems to drag(Aka we already new All About Eve about 20 minutes ago.). That could just be me or the mood I was in when I watched it, but once the award ceremony was over it could have ended, but I do admire the point they're trying to make by continuing after the award ceremony. It should work very well, but I guess I was too impatient. Another thing I like about the ending is that it is a nice conclusion for the rest of the details and elements added to the since, well it's not a short story it's a feature length film which is a big change. I think they did a good job converting it to this format they did a lot of good adding the extra elements which might just make the conclusion to all of those worth the drag. I would talk about more changes, but I feel like I'm rambling already and I should have posted this last night instead of saving and coming back to it for the past couple of days.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rambo: First Blood Part II | Anaylisis of the film and how it feels like the 80's


   This is my analysis on Rambo: First Blood Part II I will be talking about what makes this iconic action film feels like the 80's and why you can tell it and other films are from the 80's. The reason I chose this film is because it's the film that made the series popular and frankly it seems more like the 80's than the original. First we will start with an obvious thing everybody remembers or at least recognizes from the 80's. The film like many of it's decade has a synth sound track for background music which can seem really cheesy, but after a while you don't notice and you're back in the movie. This is one of the infamous things about the 80's is easy to recognize in any film, but although the synth can be cheesy in the movie it expresses the mood pretty well.

   Now that we've talked about audio a little bit or at least the memorable part lets talk about visuals. In this paragraph I'm not going to be talking about the specific camera techniques and etc. in this movie yet. I'm going to talk about that 80's color and lighting that in this movie (This could just be because the a lot of if it is outside.). It seems the colors are very vibrant, but that can make it seem out of place and sometimes washed out. The color and lighting together give it (This could just be me, but it's my blog.) a kind of sweaty feeling although that could just be the massive amount of oil on Sylvester Stallone, but I noticed that even in scenes that he wasn't in and other 80's movies. I don't mean to criticize  the technology of the time I'm just talking about traits of this famous 80's movies that are found in others, but don't worry in the next paragraph I will be talking about some camera techniques I noticed.

  Okay now that I've talked about some of the things that people recognize an 80's movie like this one I'm going to talk about some of the shot choices in this specific movie. In the beginning when the colonel  it goes back and forth between OTSs always showing the fence in between them and then every once in a while going to a long two shot from the top of the fence showing it in between them even more so. Also the OTSs on John Rambo get tighter and tighter while the colonel is talking about his proposition until Rambo says, "yes" then the next shot on him is back to normal and not constricted. This works very well to show the separation between the two and the suspense adding up to whether Rambo wants to go back rather than staying in prison. Not bad for the opening scene of an action movie. There's also the memorable scene of rambo getting ready starting with a kind of cheesy closeup going down his oil drowned arm then shows him getting ready with non high tech weapons and it cuts back and forth from him and the others at the base using computers a etc. to prepare. This is meant to show John's preference towards the old fashion way as opposed to putting it on technology. I think it works in that respect although I found everybody in the room holding back a laugh when the close up started. This could just be our ime period, but it works some what well although the first shot is cheesy it has become some what iconic. 

   Although I'm sure there's more things that make this film and others seem like 80's and I'm sure there are some more shot choices that work these are the ones I notice and remember most, thank you for reading.