Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Clue From Board Game to Film

First of all I just want to say that I'm surprised that they decided to adapt this although it does make more sense then some other board games because the game already has a semi plot to it, but the movie has a tone of it's own. Second of all the movie like I said at the end of the last sentence the movie has a tone all of it's own. It is a comedy, but with it's own quirks which makes sense because it would be kind of strange and hard to sell if it was a drama or any other kind of a serious film because the main audience is some what those who have heard or played the game which means kind of a family audience. In some ways the movie references the game and kind of makes fun of it's self with characters setting up obvious jokes out of character and making fun of that manner through out the film. It also has a tendency to switch between semi dramatic moments which sometimes can make fun of themselves by how it's handled as a cheesy murder mystery. It can be really silly a lot of the time, but at certain points there are semi serious dramatic moments that makes it propel the story with reminding us that there's still a question of, "Who dun it?" and re- enforcing that it matters. Also another and probably the most important way the story is propelled is the Butler who brings us from points A to point B in the story which is okay we rely on him because it's kind of a joke and goes with the tone because it's ridiculous and funny that he is the only one finding or putting together the clues. So all and all in adapting the movie the did change a tone a bit for understandable reasons, but they stuck to the board game pretty close considering everything they stuck to most of the character's characters by how they look like although they did change and add a couple based on the plot and they pretty much worked around the written out plot of the board game, but as an adaptation from a board game to a movie it works pretty well as a commercial film. I can't say that if I was in the same business and had to adapt a board game to a movie and had to sell it that I would do anything too different besides changing most of the shots because it's not the best visual movie.