Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Off The Rez

So since for class we only read "What it Means to Say Phoenix Arizona" which is only a part of the source content for the movie, "Smoke Signals" there was a lot of new stuff, but the general arc of the short story "What it Means to Say Phoenix Arizona" where the main character's father has died and his friend helps out with money with one condition that he can come with him to get his fathers pick up truck. Also in the story there is some tension between the two characters which also shows up even more so with the "side kick" if you will (I don't remember his exact name.) is really strange visually to the main character and he is really annoying and there is also some jealousy which kind of shows up in the story as well. There is other scenarios in both the movie and the film that are included. I'm pretty sure from what I can remember everything from the story was included in the movie although the ending was altered a bit.  As far as story telling I thought it was some what similar to the story and the changes it did make didn't effect the tone too much, but in the movie they did add a lot such as music and just culture to give it some of the same feel. I think the story might have jumped around more in plot, but the movie as a pretty much linear story all and all I don't think changed the feel too much and it felt like a worthy adaption to this story.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Jesus' Son

  This is a story about a dude or aka "Fuckhead" that just let life flow through him and gets high on whatever he can get his hands on whether he knows what it or not. He and this girl meet and they have a complicated relationship and throughout Fuckhead is going on "enhanced" adventures and strange tasks with his "friends". Eventually though Michelle (The girl he met) and him make up after the biggest fight in the movie, but she ends up taking some un known pills before she goes to bed and she leaves a not saying something like: "If you love me you'll save me". Which since he fell asleep he wakes to be accompanied by a dead body. After that he moves to a new town and starts going to narcotics anonymous and starts helping out at a place for disabled people. Then he goes to rehab and he slowly recovers. But this is just the movie. But all and all the movie stays pretty true to the book which is a bunch of short stories that don't necessarily connect, but the movie I think uses most or all of the chapters adds a little bit and puts it in an order. Which I thought worked really well as feature combining a bunch of short stories that like I said don't necessarily connect, but putting them together and using most of all of them without just going off on a limb for the movie. I wasn't quite sure what to expect with the plot structure of the book into the movie, but I really liked it because it was a really story in structure and it kept true to the tone of the book with just certain things of just floating through life. Skipping through it remembering some things and not others finding yourself waken up in a time and remembering it.

  There is also a change of writing style when he is high or under the influence of whatever. In the movie it seemed only when he was really tripping or it had a dramatic effect on the story they would alter reality or the cinematic and technical choices which makes sense, but there was that sense to the rest of it where nothing changed when he stated he was high and all of the shots and lighting seems normal throughout the rest, so in that aspect I kind of wish we had some sort of device or consistency to tell us how he's feeling when it isn't just a main story point. But besides that, I think that was the only thing I missed and the rest of it was pretty nice and well articulated. All and all I think it was a pretty good adaptation.