Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life Lessons: Revised

Life Lessons is a film about a man with needs women to give him inspiration so he can paint and the ratio between woman and painting is about one to one so this happens quite often, throughout music functions to show the main character, Lionel's emotions. Of course there is escalation and various details on the way. So, I'm going to talk about the music as an aesthetic and how it functions in this post. We start out with the first song of the film as "Whiter Shade Of Pale" and is played when we first meet Paulette (His assistant / "inspiration"). And for the rest of the film we do not hear that song until the very end after Paulette gets fed up and leaves him and it begins to play as soon as he finds a new assistant and then the film ends. This pattern implies that it is indeed a vicious cycle also backed by a little bit of expositional dialogue. After each argument with Paulette he goes down to paint and puts music on each time as arguments get more intense so does the music until there is "the opera song" which totally breaks the rock and roll pattern when it comes to the climax and the answer to the question that Paulette really will never love him as she is upstairs with a young man. Until there is a moment of victory and pride comes from it when the young man turns around and Lionel turns around smiling from is painting.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Aesthetics: Space Assignment

I decided to try to make an interactive flash test for my project, so people could just come to my blog and take the test and go. I though it would be a challenge, but interesting. It ended up being a total nightmare with random errors popping up all the time and things not working when they should be and almost anything else you can imagine. This is why there are so little questions in it because it took so long to make those I didn't have time for that. After I made the first question I kinda realized that so try to think of the main question I would want to ask and then I made those. Although it was good experience and I think for the questions I did have about the aesthetics were somewhat successful I know that I will have a backup plan for my next project if there's the slightest chance on any medium that it won't work. Feel free to comment your scores! Time allotted 7 min at max.