Monday, April 14, 2014

Mumble Core: What is the core of mumbling?

Puffy Chair vs. Tiny Furniture
Smackdown that will leave each of them mumbling

Well, I'm just going to start out blunt and to the point. I liked "The Puffy Chair" exponentially more than "Tiny Furniture". Maybe it's just what Ben said about "post graduation confusion and angst movies," (Ben Gordon©) but the feel of the movie also didn't appeal to me very much even ignoring the context.

From what we've talked about in class and from the quotes the shared google doc, mumble core is more about following the essence of the character and their natural presence through just being with them and through the naturalistic dialogue and not a plot.

It might've just been that "The Puffy Chair" had more of a plot and that's why I like it, but I think I liked the essence of the characters more as well. Like I just said about the essence of characters is really important to mumble core and whether "The Puffy Chair"s more defined characters breaks from the mumble core law/ characteristic I'm not completely sure.

There was some parts of "Tiny Furniture" that I did like, but as a whole piece I'm leaning towards the negative side of my trademarked Nick Opinion Scale© (NOS©). I'm thinking it's just because it's because its another post graduation film that I didn't understand why we were stalking this girl for 98 minutes. Her naturalistic "subtleties" as we're supposed to absorb as a mumble core film either I picked up on them early in the movie or I just didn't find them interesting/ genuine. Maybe "The Puffy Chair" was just too blunt and is not really a mumble core movie, but I seemed to pick up on things from spending time with characters and figure out things about their relationships. It wasn't even completely defined, there was just the right amount of ambiguousness.

Also, maybe I'm just saying this to help my argument and make what I say seem like a grain of validity, but I felt like Aura was just a group of stuck together ideas and angst. I'm probably just saying this because she didn't have any wants, but nothing made her feel distinct or personable (again probably "a post graduation movie thing"©BenGordon)

I think this all has to do with my bias, but I've seen a couple of other "mumble core" movies that I didn't have "Tiny Furniture Problems"©Nick inc. with.

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