Monday, April 28, 2014

Mumblehorror: More Fear, Less Money

Alright, I read the article and I don't have any new understanding of the genre. The article just gave an idea of the history and this certain group of "mumblegore" filmmakers. Unless my reading retention is really that bad (not out of the question) that was about it, so I'm not really going to write about the article...

I guess for the second part of the prompt: reaction to the genre. The fact this genre is out there and is being seen by the mainstream and whatnot makes me pretty happy. From what I've read about these films, it seems that these are decent films and that's really cool. I think the popularity of the genre is good and that filmmakers that don't have a huge budget/ any at all can make a film that the world can see.

I also think it's cool that these people can get the same desired effect of fear as any of the studios and now the competition has to do with the actual craft and better horror movies should come from it.

I like the idea of the general aesthetic and again I really think this is a great outlet that has the potential for the best of creativity to be articulated and be seen by the world.

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  1. I agree with you - the one article was really just about those filmmakers (who were not all making found-footage horror films, btw), BUT there were actually two articles linked you were supposed to read and the other one gave a lot of great information about the film we watched. It would have been good to read that other article so you could write more specifically about Paranormal Activity.

    I think the main issue for me is that I think "Mumblegore" (or hore) and "Found-Footage Horror" or "Docu-Horror" or whatever else you want to name it are two different things. The first is just a name for low budget, DIY horror films and how those have taken off. The second is actually the type of horror film that uses that specific aesthetic of found footage and tries to create a realistic world with that aesthetic. This is something I wish the presenting team would have cleared up, and probably some different sources more specific to that would have been good.