Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Black and white, new, new wave? I think that's it.

I guess to start, I like "Escape From Tomorrow", I thought it had a really cool world and the whole film was really immersive.

I think they used black and white in this film to contrast the amount of colors you would expect to see at Disney Land. It also seemed like it was in reference to old cartoons since both the color it was shot in and the behaviors/ actions of the characters seemed pretty cartoonish.

In the article another point for black of white (talking about a different movie, but it still applies) is that the colors would draw away from the character's faces and would be distracted from the emotion that you are supposed to be paying attention to. Again, Disney Land is a very very colorful place and the article is right that by shooting in black and white it drew the audience's faces to what's important... the actors.

When the article talked about the sudden spike in black and white films that were being made, its implication that there was one reason that all of these films at this time were being made this way seemed kind of vague and I didn't agree with even the prompt of that. I guess I could agree that one reason these films are popping up like this is because the directors saw it fit, but the implication that that the reason they saw fit had to do with nostalgia or that it was some higher form of viewing didn't sit with me to well. I may be reading this wrong completely, but I just take it as coincidence that these films all popped up since they all did come out around the same time, meaning they were all in the same process at the similar times most likely not in contact with each other and therefore just a coincidence that they felt black and white would fit their films well.

Again, probably reading the article completely wrong, but black and white is just medium and having black and white in films, isn't doing one specific thing for all of those films. It's on a case by case basis as they are all different films that are attempting different things with different content and different genres. Sorry if this was just a giant ramble on something I misread.

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